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We at Christ Church have a passion to make Christ known and build up his body any way we can. But that takes energy, time, people and of course money. We encourage all our regulars to contribute as they are able towards financing the work of the church. We also welcome support from outside the church.

If you'd like some guidance on giving, then please do ask. The finance team are always willing to help. But if you're ready now to start giving, here's how. 


(For Christ Church Regulars)


Log in to your internet banking and use the details below.

Bank: CAF Bank

Payee: CCS

Account number: 00020184

Sort code: 40-52-40

Reference: 'surname/monthly' e.g. Smith/monthly

There is information about Gift Aid below. But if you are able to give with Gift Aid, we ask that you end your regular giving amount with 17 pence. For instance, £150.17 rather than £150. If you are not able to give with Gift Aid, please end the amount with 67 pence. For instance, £150.67.

Please take a moment to tell us what you've done (so that we can double-check everything's worked out right). And if you’re a UK taxpayer, you may be able to increase the power of your giving by filling in a Gift Aid Declaration. You can do this by clicking the button.


(Alumni, Parents and other External Supporters)


If you are not a current member of the church, but would like to support the ministry (eg 'alumni', parents of student members, supporters of the Associate Scheme and other supporters), we invite you to support the Christ Church Gospel Partners Fund (Registered Charity no. 1150427). 

This fund specifically finances some of the student and training ministries of the church, including support of the Church Ministry Trainees. 

You can either give a one-off contribution or set up a standing order, using the details. 

Bank: The Co-operative Bank. 

Payee: CCGPF. 

Sort code: 08-92-99. 

A/C number 65444847

If you are giving in response to an appeal from one of the Associates, please include your name and theirs in the reference. In every case, please also contact the fund treasurer Stephen to explain what you are doing.

You can increase the power of your gift by giving with Gift Aid. If you are able to give with Gift Aid you will need to complete a Gift Aid declaration. Just click here to do so.


If you have a meal, book or event to pay for, please use Paypal in the first instance.


Please go to the Paypal site and make a payment to one of the following email addresses:

For all meals use meals@christchurchsouthampton.org.uk

For other events please use events@christchurchsouthampton.org.uk

For books please use books@christchurchsouthampton.org.uk

As a charity we are not subject to business fees on Paypal; therefore please select 'Friends and Family' when prompted to ensure full payment reaches us.

To handle payments efficiently, we ask that you end payments for food with 5 pence. For instance, if you are paying for two £3 meals, please make a payment of £6.05. This greatly helps the finance team in identifying your payment.


If you are not able to use Paypal, please direct payments to our bank account using the following details:

Account: CCS

Account number: 00020184

Sort code:40-52-40

Please use the reference to indicate the purpose of your payment e.g. SC Food for Student Connect food.


We are also able to take payments via card in the church office.