get off to a 



Get it in your diary. It's the biggest event in Southampton for arriving Christian students on the weekend you arrive! 

This pizza and pudding party is for Christian Freshers - and older hands too (second and third years). 

Eat as much as you like (yes there are non-pizza options too!) It's absolutely free. 

And you'll be introduced to others in your halls so you can start making connections before Freshers Week even begins. 

When: 24th September at 7.30pm

Where: Burgess Road Library


Our 20-strong student ministry team is keen to help and support you any way they can as you prepare to transition into this new phase of life.

The team is led by James Faux and Sophie Cornes.

They'd love to connect with you even before you get here, so why not message them right now to tell them you're on the way. 

You can share practical issues or concerns, throw questions at them, or just ask them to look out for you when you arrive. You can be sure they'll be praying you in to your new life in Southampton.

get ahead

Want to meet other like-minded freshers before you even get here?

There'll be a zoom call organised in September to provide a first chance to spot some faces that could well be a big part of your life in the years ahead.

Just ask James or Sophie - and they'll put you on the list to get the details.   

Meanwhile you can link up with other Christian students arriving into Southampton through this Facebook group


  • james faux

    Pastor for male students

  • sophie cornes

    Pastor for female students

preparing for your


You made it! You're on your way! But what now? 

90 weeks. Give or take. That's your lot. It's how long a typical university student will spend here in Southampton, once you take holidays out of the picture. 90 weeks. And we at Christ Church are determined to make every one of them count for you.

Your uni years are a fantastic opportunity to grow as a Christian and build strong relationships with others who share that desire. And we at Christ Church are serious about helping you to do just that. By the time you graduate, we want you to leave with your faith deepened, your mind stretched and your Christian character more firmly established. More than that, we want you to leave trained and equipped for a lifetime of serving Jesus, whatever that may look like for you.

We put a high value on clear, contemporary and challenging Bible-teaching. On top of that we prioritise deep discipleship and training. These things are part of our DNA at Christ Church, and we work hard at them. 

Getting on for 100 students are part of the Christ Church community at any one time. But each and every one of them is an individual, with their own temperaments, gifts, struggles and confusions. The team here is dedicated to encouraging you on, wherever you are in your head and your heart.

Students who call Christ Church home get involved in a bunch of different ways...

the main event


It's all too easy to remain within the confines of the student 'bubble' - even in a local church. Of course, it's tempting to keep surrounding yourself with people just like you. But then you'd miss out on the experience of being part of a real, mixed, supportive spiritual family. 

So at Christ Church we encourage students to get along to at least one Sunday gathering - as well as Student Connect. In the morning, we normally meet together as a church family every Sunday morning, at Cantell School near to Glen Eyre Halls and the Highfield campus, and only 15-20 minutes walk from Wessex Lane. In the evening you'll find us at Burgess Road Library, right on top of Highfield campus.

Some of our students take the opportunity to help out from time to time with the music, the tech team, the morning crèche, the coffee-serving or the welcoming - there's always plenty to do - but it's quite alright just to be there. 

At the gathering there's good, contemporary music and heartfelt prayer. But the centrepiece is always the Bible talk. This is when we hear God's word unfolded for us. We aim to be faithful to what God is saying, clear and contemporary in the way we present it, and both encouraging and challenging in the way it's applied.

go deeper


Student Connect is just for students. It currently takes place at 7.45pm each Sunday during term time, immediately after The Six O'Clock at Burgess Road Library. 

After good food, there is a short talk on an area of Christian understanding and then we get into small groups for Bible study and prayer. 

New to studying the Bible? Want to brush up on the basics of the Christian faith? There are plenty of opportunities to ask questions and explore faith at your own pace. 

get personal


Many of our students find it helpful to meet up with an older Christian on an informal but regular basis for prayer, Bible study and encouragement. It's a great way to supercharge your spiritual growth.

We're all for this at Christ Church and will do our best to partner you with someone we think you'll click with who's a bit further down the track in the Christian life.

One-to-ones happen in cafes, homes, on campus or wherever works for you. Usually you'll be reading a book of the Bible together, or perhaps a Christian book, but whatever you're looking at, there'll be plenty of opportunity to ask questions, explore issues and seek advice and direction.

If you're interested, drop a quick message to James Faux or Sophie Cornes, our student pastors - or any member of the team.

opportunities to


In a busy church like ours, you'll find heaps of ways to put your God-given gifts and talents to good use, if you're up for it. Whether it's helping with the children, joining one of the bands, making cakes or working the tech desk, you're bound to find a way to contribute to the life of the church.

For more details of how to get involved, email Phil in the church office.

time to


It may not be too long before the walls of Southampton start to close in on you and you need to get out. 

There are a number of opportunities for students at Christ Church to do just that. 

  • Every September we start the year with Student Getaway in the Kent countryside - loads of fun and games, building relationships and getting into the Bible
  • In February, once first semester exams are history, students head away with the 20s to a beautiful estate in Dorset for 'MYC' (mid-year convention) for the weekend
  • In June it's time to spend a day out with the entire church family at the church's Big Day Out
  • And then the student year finishes with some serious head-down time at the Summer Bible Week

Details of each are released closer to the time - you won't miss out!

let us


If you're coming to Southampton to study, we'd love to make the transition is as easy as possible for you. 

We can talk you through practical issues ahead of your arrival, answer questions about life as a student in Southampton, look out for you when you arrive, show you the ropes, offer a helping hand, introduce you to some people we think you'll enjoy getting to know, answer any questions you may have, arrange for a family to get you round to their place from time to time (our 'student adoption' scheme!) or just make sure we're around if things get hard.

So if you - or someone you know - are heading this way, take a moment to click the button right now!