The Christ Church family includes dozens of young adults working (or even doing postgraduate study) in Southampton. They're very welcome, and they've got their very own network of groups.

20s Connect currently meets on Wednesdays, in homes, cafes, pubs or at our main venue at Burgess Road Library. Check the programme for times and venues. We usually enjoy some food before looking at the Bible together. Like to know more? Get in touch with David who can fill you in and sign you up to the 20s Connect Facebook group.

Each autumn we head off for a weekend away together (Friday evening to Sunday early afternoon), and if you are in your 20s and come to Christ Church Southampton we'd really love to have you join us. As well as teaching we'll be enjoying great food, games and the beauty of our surroundings in Chichester Harbour. 


Christ Church is all about community. But there's only so far you can go with building a community at a Sunday gathering. So we encourage everyone to be part of a small group. 

Each Midweek Connect group provides a context for caring for others and being cared for, encouraging and being encouraged, praying for others and being prayed for. But the 'main course' is the time for studying the Bible together and so being changed into the people God wants us to be.

They meet in people's homes and/or online, around the city and beyond, on various midweek evenings. Interested in joining one? Contact Orlando.


Student Connect is just for students. It takes place at 7.45pm each Sunday during term time, immediately after the Six O'Clock.

After some great food and a drink, we kick off with a short talk on an area of Christian understanding and then get into some Bible study and prayer. We finish at around 9pm - though it's fine to stick around and chat for a while afterwards.

New to studying the Bible? Want to brush up on the basics of the Christian faith? Ask to join the Foundations group. Same time. Same place. Same food. Just a group that's a better fit for where you're at.

Click below to find out more about life as a student at Christ Church.


Women Connect is a community of women who meet up in small groups on Wednesday mornings during term time for Bible study, prayer and mutual encouragement.

A creche is provided right next door so that mothers looking after children are able to spend undistracted time with one another for just one hour of the week. But it's not just for Mums; women of every age, stage and household type are invited to join one of the Women Connect groups. It all happens at 10am-11.30am each Wednesday morning during school term time at: Burgess Road Library, Bassett, SO16 3HF

If you'd like to find out about Women Connect, do get in touch with Libby.


Rooted is our Sunday morning group for young people aged 10-14s.

This programme involves getting stuck into a part of the Bible - hot chocolate with marshmallows in hand - and praying for each other as a group.

Rooted meets during the 11.15am gathering each Sunday in term time, so does not run during August. There are other fun social events organised from time to time. 

In the Spring, Rooted have their weekend away to enjoy a good bit of time together and to listen to God's Word.

Get in touch with Liam to find out more!


If you’re 14-18 then ‘Anchored’ is for you!

We meet on Thursday evenings - and you'll find we're a really welcoming bunch!

It’s a great chance to get to know other guys just like you, get to know God better and think about how knowing Jesus as our saviour and king changes every part of life - be it at home, school, college, uni, or beyond.

Get in touch with Liam to find out more.


Treasure Seekers is the umbrella name for all our Sunday children's ministry. The programme involves much more than entertainment and child-minding. The children sing, play games, and make things, but they'll also get to grips with what the Bible teaches.

There are four age groups within Treasure Seekers: Creche (for under-3s), Diggers (for pre-school children), Discoverers (for years R-2) and Explorers (years 3-5). In addition to Treasure Seekers, there are two young people’s groups: Rooted (for 10-14s, but does not run during August) and Anchored (for 14-18s).  Keep scrolling to find out more!

The groups operate concurrently with the main Sunday morning gatherings, except Anchored, which meets on Thursday evenings. If you've got any questions, do contact Liam.


Internationals are invited to join us to study the Bible, to learn and discuss more about the Christian faith and to gain an understanding of the impact of Christianity to the British culture and society. 

The group is both for Christians who want to grow in their faith, and for those who are not Christians but want to explore Christianity and have questions they would like to ask. 

We meet at Burgess Road Library, Burgess Road, Bassett, SO16 3HF at 6.30pm every Tuesday (excluding uni vacations). Whether you've just arrived in the UK or you've been here for a few years already we'd love to meet you!

For more details, contact Tom.


Friends Together provides an opportunity for the seniors in the church to come together, get to know each other, and share encouragements over tea or occasional activities. Sometimes the meetings include a speaker. For more details, contact Keith.


The leadership breakfast is a monthly gathering for Christian people at CCS who are in - or looking to move into - positions of leadership, influence or management in their sphere of work.  

It is an opportunity to talk and encourage one another, as well as consider together how a specific aspect of Christian discipleship plays out in our leadership. What would it look like to lead or relate to those around us in this way? 

The breakfast takes place normally at 7am sharp on the first Tuesday of each month at Highfield House Hotel. You will need to book in ahead of time. 



Here at Christ Church, we're a family, and we do our best to look out for each other. But we know that it can still sometimes be hard to know who to talk to.

The Care Team seek to ensure that those in need of practical support, encouragement or prayer get it.

If you have a practical or pastoral need in the short or longer term, and don't have someone you already feel comfortable with to discuss it, then please get in touch with the Care Team.


Every church has its own culture. Its way of seeing things. Its way of doing things. Its priorities and ambitions and values. Its modus operandi. We're no exception. And if you're thinking about settling with us and becoming part of the family, we'd rather you knew what we were about sooner rather than later. 

So twice a year we run a short course designed to orient you to church and get you to a running start within the life of the community. It's a mixture of theory and practical, and takes place over coffee and cakes over a series of evenings in the Senior Pastor's  home. It's not so much for students or those in Southampton for a short period. But for those living in Southampton and thinking about getting stuck in at Christ Church, this is an obvious early move.

Contact Orlando for more details.