We love children at Christ Church! It’s a privilege to have so many join us Sunday by Sunday. We try to make church the high point of the week for children and to do all we can to help them learn about God.

Treasure Seekers is the umbrella name for all our Sunday children's ministry. The programme involves much more than entertainment and child-minding. The children sing, play games, and make things, but they'll also get to grips with what the Bible teaches.

There are four age groups within Treasure Seekers: Creche (for under-3s), Diggers (for pre-school children), Discoverers (for years R-2) and Explorers (years 3-5). In addition to Treasure Seekers, there are two young people’s groups: Rooted (for 10-14s, but does not run during August) and Anchored (for 14-18s). Keep scrolling to find out more!

The groups operate concurrently with the main Sunday morning gatherings, except Anchored, which meets on Thursday evenings. If you've got any questions, do contact Liam.


Rooted is our Sunday morning group for young people aged 10-14.

This programme involves getting stuck into a part of the Bible - hot chocolate with marshmallows in hand - and praying for each other as a group.

Rooted meets during the 11.15am gathering in term time, and so does not meet during August. There are other fun social events organised from time to time.

Once a month we enjoy supper together before joining the rest of the church at the Six O'Clock Sunday evening gathering.

In the Spring, Rooted have their weekend away to enjoy a good bit of time together and to listen to God's Word.

Get in touch with Josh to find out more!


If you’re 14-18 then ‘Anchored’ is for you!

We meet on Thursday evenings - and you'll find we're a really welcoming bunch. There's a lot of fun and craziness, but also a fairly relaxed feel.

It’s a great chance to get to know other guys just like you, get to know God better and think about how knowing Jesus as our Saviour and King changes every part of life - be it at home, school, college, uni, or beyond.

Get in touch with Liam Brocken to find out more.