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If there's one word you'll hear again and again as people describe Christ Church, it's the word 'family'. We really do seek to live as brothers and sisters, caring for each other's needs, encouraging each other, rejoicing with each other and occasionally grieving with each other.

But this is no ordinary family. In our 'household' are people of all ages and walks of life, many different personalities and temperaments, and a number of different countries. For all our different profiles, we love spending time with each other and welcoming others into the family.

Our biggest groupings are students, people in their twenties and young families. But the fellowship includes everyone from babies to grandparents. We enjoy a vibrant community life. Outside our regular group meetings, there are always people meeting up for meals, movies or games nights, going for walks or coffee outings, kicking a football around or throwing a frisbee.

It's all part of being family.

our hearts are


If you want to get a handle on the ethos at Christ Church, you need to know that we have a clear set of values. We have a lot of fun, and we're all very different in terms of personality and temperament, but there are certain commitments we all share. 


The apostle Paul wrote 'I want to know Christ'. 

Well, so do we. Jesus is the centre of our lives as individuals. And he's the centre of our corporate life as a church. 


God hasn't left us in the dark about his plans. He's given us his written word, the Bible. 

We treasure that gift: we teach it and study it in order to know God better, and to live accordingly.


'When you pray...' said Jesus. In other words prayer isn't optional. 

In fact it's the delight of every believer and undergirds all we do as a church: we depend on God to do his work.


Christ Church is not a one-hour-a-week church.  Far from it! 

We're constantly looking for ways to love, support and care for each other. We want everyone to feel part of the family.


We may have a family feel, but we're not just a club for people to make friends and grow old together. 

We're more an army on a mission: 'contending as one for the faith of the gospel'.


We're keen for everyone to develop their God-given gifts. 

So we work hard to 'prepare God's people for works of service'. That means not just doing ministry, but teaching it. 


'The fruit of the spirit is...' As we study the Bible together, we're aiming not simply to inform minds, but to transform lives. 

We long for the work of the Spirit to be evident in all our lives. 

   *For a summary of the Bible's teachings as we understand them, please click here.

it's all about


If you're wondering what we're about at Christ Church or what the message of the Christian faith is, we're all out to celebrate the remarkable news of what Jesus has done for us and how we respond to that. Turn up the volume and click below for a quick summary.



  • Orlando Saer

    Senior Pastor


    Associate Pastor


    Student Pastor

  • sophie cornes

    Student Pastor

  • liam brocken

    Youth & Children's Pastor

  • james de mars

    Operations Manager

  • ALECIA grumbach

    Pastoral Assistant

  • Sarah Ebenezar

    Pastoral Assistant

  • tom piper

    Ministry Trainee

  • judith gill

    Ministry Trainee

  • charlie riden

    Ministry Trainee


    Ministry Trainee


    Ministry Trainee


    Ministry Trainee

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In the autumn of 2006, a small group of Christians from around Southampton started to meet up each Sunday evening to study the Bible in the Elizabeth House Hotel.  

A few months later, that small group began meeting on a Sunday morning under the name ‘Sunday@Swaythling’ as a witness for Christ at Swaythling Primary School. 

A number of individuals soon began to come to faith and grow in their knowledge of God.


Much changed in 2010-11. The church became known as ‘Christ Church Southampton’, moved to larger accommodation at Cantell School and called a full-time pastor.

Under God, as we’ve prayed, preached and planned, it has pleased him to give rapid growth in numbers.

What was a small group of a couple of dozen people is now a bustling community of hundreds of people, meeting in three congregations.

linking up

As time has gone on, we've begun to team up with other churches in different ways. 

Our affiliations and informal connections now include the FIEC, the South East Gospel Partnership, the Solent Gospel Partnership and UCCF.

We are also a founding church member of 'Reach South', along with Cornerstone Church Portsmouth and Redeemer Winchester. And we partner with workers in Europe and the Middle East.

planting seeds

As we look to the future, we’re excited about the prospect of planting new churches. 

We've recently sent off teams to establish Cornerstone Church Portsmouth (2016) and Redeemer Winchester (2019). 

In 2019, we established Reach South, a network of churches in and around Hampshire, with the aim of working together in training, resourcing and reaching out, and a particular objective of seeing more churches planted around our region.

what about


We'd love to get to know you and your story too. 

But first things first. If you're moving to Southampton, you'll no doubt be facing a host of practical issues and uncertainties. We're eager to make the transition as easy as possible for you, so please do say if there's anything we can do or any areas of advice that might be helpful. You can rely on a warm and friendly welcome. We've done this before - lots of us - from around the country and around the world. Send us a quick message right now, and we'll get right back to you.

If you need help to find a room in a shared house (or you have one to offer), do make use of the church Accommodation Page