There are lots of resources available that aim to help competent, balanced parents raise up well-trained, well-rounded, 'middle class' children. But we want to get real in our parenting! 

In March 2023, with the help of Tim Chester and Ed Moll, we will hold a short course focussed on helping families here at CCS grow God-knowing, Christ-confessing, grace-receiving, servant-hearted, mission-minded believers. Christian families should be different and distinctive. Christian parenting should be about...

  • not just making good citizens but committed disciples, church planters, missionaries, reformers, servants and evangelists;
  • not just learning about God but also showing him to others;
  • not just controlling behaviour but also changing the heart;
  • not just parents and children in their own family bubble, but integral parts of the wider church family.

In three content packed evenings we will go to places that to even the best of secular parenting wisdom won’t take us. We will look at biblical principles for family life, challenging us to parent within a God ordained framework to help our children to become the distinctively different people that God, through his gospel, calls us all to be.

Who is it for? All CCS parents with children aged 0-11, as well as those who are contemplating starting a family.

Dates: 6, 20, 27 March 2023 (at Burgess Road Library).

We encourage BOTH parents (in two-parent families) to attend together: if baby-sitting is an issue, we will seek to facilitate. We recognise some will need to bring very small children along, and again we will seek to work through practicalities for this.

Any questions or to book your place, please contact Nigel Bridges