Through the summer term, we'll be hearing about how Christians from the past have inspired different people in the church family. And it may be that at home, you want to complement the series with some resources to introduce some of these heroes, and others, to your own children. There are a number of resources out there, and I've try to collect some of the best ones together for you, as a starting point. This isn't an exhaustive list, and there may be others that you have used or continue to use that don't feature. If you are interesting in any of the suggestions below, click the pictures to take you to where you can find out more and purchase. 

It is also worth saying that this is a collection of resources written for children and young people. There are also a whole world of Christian biographies written for adults, that could easily be read to, or read by some children and young people. Books like "Through the Gates of Splendour" or "God's Smuggler" are superb books and tell excellent stories that could very easily captivate a child each night before bed.

And if you are wondering why this is great, start here to inspire you as to why it is great to give your kids better heroes.

  • Everyone a child should know

    You may be familiar with others in this popular series. In a similar format, there are 52 Christian men and women to introduce to your children, with a great mix of people, places and stories! All of the people who feature in the Bible Bite series can be found in this book. Why not get a copy and read one page a week as a family?

    Ideal for: 4-7s, but older toddlers may enjoy it too!

  • Do great things for god

    These are a series of storybooks, looking at ordinary Christian women through the ages who have done extraordinary things for God! They are brilliantly illustrated,  and concise enough for little ones to enjoy too. 

    Ideal for: could be read to pre-schoolers and 4-7s, or read by early stage readers.

  • 10 Girls and 10 boys series'

    An oldie but a goodie! These books have been read by children and teens for years but are still excellent. And there are lots in the series, not just these two; you can even buy them all as a set. Each chapter is about 10 pages long, which makes them great for those starting to read independently from you. 

    Ideal for: could be read to 4-7s, or ready by 7-11s.

  • Strong & EMPowered

    Both of these are pitched for the older child to younger teen age. They've both got 11 biographies in them of different men and women in different walks of life, but also try to teach through the stories too! They'd be a great summer read if you are planning to get away at some point. 

    Ideal for: 8-14s

  • torchlighters animation series

    These are great, particularly if you have a child who just isn't a keen reader. They are 30 minutes long, animating a different hero of the faith; there's 22 in all so far! I've seen a few, with Jim Elliott being a personal favourite of mine. I would advise watching with or before your children. They are aimed at 8-12s, and some of the content could frighten or upset younger viewers. You can buy the DVDs or stream them online for free (you'll need to sign-up and you can donate for additional content).

    Ideal for: 8-12s