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SUNDAYs at christ church

  • Morning Gatherings

    9.30am and 11.15am

    Cantell School, SO16 3GJ

    All gatherings include full children's programme. Talk details here.

    From the 22nd July onwards there will be just one morning gathering at 10.30am.

  • The Six O'Clock

    5.30 (coffee) for 6pm

    Burgess Road Library, Burgess Road, SO16 3HF (map)

    Informal evening service. Talk details here.

    Note that there will be no Six O'Clock services in August.

What to Expect

Worried about fitting in? Don't be! At Christ Church you'll find there are students, young workers, families and retirees, from different countries and a variety of faith-backgrounds. You don't even have to be Christian to come along!

What should I wear?

There’s no dress-code – come in whatever you feel comfortable wearing. Most people are pretty casual.

What will happen? Do I need to bring anything?

As you arrive, you'll be given a welcome and everything you need for the service. There’ll be some prayers, a Bible-reading, a talk, usually something for the children, and various songs along the way (here is a Spotify playlist of some of our favourites!). If you arrive late, it’s OK. We try and start on time, but we always leave seats at the back for latecomers.

What about money?

You’re not expected to bring any money with you. Our regulars do contribute to church funds, but visitors are our guests.

What happens after the service?

Refreshments are served after the service – and they’re also free. You can slip off after the formal close of the service if you like, but lots of people choose to stay and chat over drinks and cakes.

Anything for the children?

We hope it goes without saying that it’s fine to bring children – and please don’t worry if they misbehave. We 're a 'Shhh'-free church! You can always wander in and out if they’re proving challenging. We provide crèche and Sunday school facilities ('Treasure Seekers') for under-11s. There is also a group for 11-14 year olds in the 11.15 gathering.


We love children at Christ Church! It’s a privilege to have so many join us Sunday by Sunday. We try to make church the high point of the week for children and to do all we can to help them learn about God.

Treasure Seekers is the umbrella name for all our Sunday children's ministry. The programme involves much more than entertainment and child-minding. The children sing, play games, and make things, but they'll also get to grips with what the Bible teaches.

There are four age groups within Treasure Seekers: Creche (for under-3s), Diggers (for pre-school children), Discoverers (for years R-2) and Explorers (years 3-6). In addition to Treasure Seekers, there are two young people’s groups: Rooted (for 11-14s - meets 11.15 gathering only) and Anchored (for 14-18s).  Find out more by scrolling down on our Get Involved page.

The groups operate concurrently with the main Sunday morning gatherings - apart from Anchored, which meets on Thursday evenings. If you've got any questions, do contact Amanda

Our Safeguarding Policy can be found here.


Southampton is an exciting city. Every years hundreds of people arrive in Southampton - to study, to work, to join family.

If you (or someone you know) are one of them, we'd love to make the transition easier for you. It just takes a couple of clicks to tell us you're coming (see form on the right), and we can then find out if there's anything we can do - or at least look out for you when you get here!

Hang tight while we prepare your form...


If you're looking for a room - or you have one to spare - we'd love to help. 

Christ Church hosts a busy Accommodation Page accessible to anyone with a Facebook account. If you're a Christian and you're looking for fellow-Christians to live with - whether you're studying or working - we invite you to check it out!

You can find it here.