Welcome to this week's Summer Treasure Seekers.

Below you can find the kids' sheets for the morning gathering, as well as a few extra bits to help you think more about how we need Jesus - we need to be safe.

  • Morning kids sheets

    Here's three different sheets to help your children engage with the morning. 

    You can find them here.

  • It's time to sing

    Jump up on your feet, move around and sing along to this.

    Then find a Bible, sit down together and read Matthew 8:23-27

  • Bible Bite

    If you missed Bible Bite, or want to watch it again, click here.

  • we need jesus

    Here's a video from Faith in Kids to help us explore this week's Bible story.

  • The big idea

    We need Jesus - He has power over creation, we are safe with Him

    Claire is here to help us think more about this.

  • Heart and hands

    Ideas for boat building, and questions to think about together at home - you can find them here.