Below are the kids sheets for the morning gathering, and some extra bits to help you think about how we need Jesus - a rock on to build our lives on.

  • Morning Kids Sheets

    Three different sheets to help your children engage with the morning. 

    Click here to find them.

  • It's time to sing

    Here's a song to get you up on your feet and get moving and singing together!

    Then sit down together, grab your Bibles, and read Matthew 7:24-29.

  • We need jesus - week 1

    Watch this from Faith in Kids to help you think a bit more about this week's story.

  • Bible bite

    If you missed Bible Bite, or want to watch again - click here.

  • The Big idea

    We need Jesus – His teaching is the only safe foundation for our lives.

    Here's a short video to help us think about this.

  • Heart and hands

    Here are some questions to think about and some things to do, to help you think more about today's story.