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What is the ministry training scheme

The scheme is intended to prepare young men and women for a life of faithful and effective gospel ministry in whatever context they find themselves. Each Ministry Trainee has a directed reading and study programme for the year, as well as the opportunity to undertake a study project addressing an issue of their choice under supervision. The weekly training day at the South Central Ministry Training Scheme ( seeks to sharpen exegetical skills and grasp of biblical doctrine; also to discuss issues connected with ministry and work together on expository talk preparation. In addition to the training day, we have an Ministry Trainees’ workshop once a week in which we look at areas of doctrine or ministry not covered by the South Central Training Scheme.

Each Ministry Trainee will be expected to meet 1:1 with 3-4 students during the course of each week in term-time. Ministry Trainees also generally co-lead one of the Student Connect Bible Study groups

In addition, a servant approach to ministry is fostered through various practical areas of service.

Who can be a ministry trainee?

As Christ Church Southampton is  a young and energetic church, it may make the experience of  Christ Church Ministry Trainee slightly different from a typical apprenticeship in a large and established church. Those who are interested in the MTS would be flexible, a self-starter and disciplined. Not every minute of everyday will be planned out for you, therefore you will need to be able to organise your time well as to complete your tasks for the week. 

In saying so, there are also similar qualities we are looking for, which are common to most apprenticeships. These include; Bible-oriented, humble, and a team player. It is necessary to be committed to being shaped by God's word and be willing to learn new things. Because a lot of your time will be spent in 1-2-1 Bible study, you will need to be ale to handle the Bible and to communicate it reasonably proficiently. To add, you more than likely will not be working alone, therefore it's important to know that it will be okay to ask for help, but also be caring enough to give it. 

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the aim of the scheme? Our goal is to train and equip the trainees in how to handle the Bible, which will create desire to know more about God, therefore also encouraging character growth and development


2. What are the financial practicalities? As Christ Church is a young church it cannot provide full funding for each trainee, therefore the trainees will have to raise a sum of money as they volunteer. Financial aid can be provided by friends and family, as well as other appropriate trust funds around the country.

3. How many years does the scheme last?  The scheme is normally 2 years in duration. Each trainee is encouraged to volunteer with us for one year, and based on mutual agreement, the trainee may go on to do an additional second year.

4. Does Christ Church provide housing? No, Christ Church does not provide housing, we can help with housing by guiding you to the Christ Church Southampton accommodations page on Facebook,

what it's like being a ministry trainee


Ministry trainees 2017/18

Meet James, Richard. Zoe, Glodie, Elim (Cuicui) and Naomi