We've got 4 days of detective work, investigating some very BIG questions! To help us on our investigation, there'll be drawings from Sketch, Roberto is back from his summer holidays with some terrible jokes and we'll be hearing from the Bible about how great Jesus is!

Each day's video will appear at 9am. There are also some worksheets to think more about the story together at home. 

To get into the secret agent spirit, here's some craft ideas for the week too!


Why was Zach a bad man?
What happened when Jesus went to Zach’s house? 

What was Zach like?

Why were the crowd upset when Jesus went to Zach’s house? How did Zach change?

Who can be friends with Jesus? 

If you’d have been in the crowd, what do you think people would have been saying about Zach?

Why do you think Jesus chose Zach?

Would Jesus want to be your friend? Why?