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myc - 2017

What are God's purposes in marriage and relationships? How should we think about our sexuality? What about navigating the tricky waters of 'going out' as a Christian? Am I better off single or married? What if I'm unhappy about being single - or married? What does Christian marriage look like? How can I lay the foundations for a wonderful, rich marriage for myself? What about if I'm same-sex attracted? Or struggling to accept the gender my body seems to indicate? Where do I go with guilt about my sexual track record? And what do I say to my friends who are just bemused about why Christians care so much about all this stuff? 

At MYC 2017, we'll be looking at questions like these and many more. But not from a human wisdom point of view. We'll be digging deep into God's word to see what light it can shine into our world of questions. There'll be talks, discussions, interviews and workshops to help us get our head around the topic. 

We'd love you to join us!

February 17-19

Sandroyd School

Salisbury SP5 5QD

Be sure to sign up early to qualify for the Early Bird Discount - 10 pounds off! 

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