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MYC 2018

Do you ever feel on a totally different wavelength to the people around you? It’s not just that you and they believe certain different things about Jesus or heaven. It’s more than that. The whole way you see the world is poles apart from how they see it. You might as well be on a different planet!


At MYC 2018 we’re going to be trying to understand some of the most popular “world-stories” (or worldview) of the people around us. And comparing them with the Bible’s world-story. Then we'll be thinking though how we can better ‘bridge the gap’ – that is, talk about our faith in ways that other people will actually understand and connect with.

Sandroyd School - 9th - 11th Feb 2018

Students/unwaged - £50 if paid by 10th December

Waged - £60 if paid by 10th December

After 10th December prices rise by £10

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Take a look at the level of fun and fellowship that can be expected at MYC 2018.